ANA Hotel Hiroshima

ANA Hotel Hiroshima opened its doors in 1983 as the seventh in the ANA chain of hotels.
We subsequently worked to become one of the region’s most desirable hotels, but as aging facilities made us increasingly less able to respond to the needs of the times or compete with newer hotels, we embarked on overhauling our facilities and services based on the theme “re-creation.” In a move that was rare in the industry, we shut down operations to renovate virtually all of our facilities and improve hotel infrastructure.
Having worked with ILYA in the past on our banquet hall and restaurant renovations, and very pleased with their solutions to our concept of “a space in which adult customers will feel relaxed and comfortable,” we had high expectations for their performance on this large-scale renovation project.
Their use of wood-grain finishes in the lobby, banquet hall and guest rooms gave the contemporary spaces a relaxing yet dignified feeling, and especially with the sculptural object used to screen off the lounge and the marble flooring, the lobby was transformed into a richly textured yet cohesive space.
ILYA’s work is to be commended not only for its design contributions, but also for its attention to functional details seen from the perspective of the hotel: something essential to effectiveness in the service industries.
I am grateful to the members of the project team for their experience-rich and comprehensive services, including on-site supervision of a very tight construction schedule.

Yutaka Ikeda

Senior Vice President, General Manager
ANA Hotel Hiroshima Co., Ltd.