PCCW JAPAN Co., Ltd / PCCW Japan Studio

I have previous experience in constructing Studios. However, this Studio Project is my first involvement in building a complex space from ground zero to facilitate both production / broadcast facilities and office space accommodating 150 staff. In order to produce the best results within the given limited timeframe and unique nature of the site, choosing the appropriate design firm with extensive expertise was very important. The designers are required to approach the project from the perspectives of the client, and are required to have a strong desire to actualize the ideal working environment.
We invited seven firms for the competition. Each firm was required to express our corporate images through the concept design : refined open space promoting creativity, imagination and professionalism. However, the design has to meet our budget and building codes. Among the bidders, ILYA was the most successful in presenting the overall concept.
We were uneasy at outset. In order to meet specific M&E requirement within the tight schedule, studio system integrator, IT contractors, and the other contractors had to work in collaboration led by the careful coordination. The designers spent sleepless nights to complete the project. Thanks to their effort, our brand new state-of-art facility was successfully completed. We were grateful of the persistent effort that ILYA had provided.

Risa Villeneuve

Senior Manager / Broadcasting Operation & Engineering

Win Awards in the Environment Graphics, Commercial Division of the 35th SDA Awards 2001

Mobile Cafe Aqua
NTT DoCoMo Saitama Showroom

Under the design supervision of NTT Facilities, ILYA was responsible for the interior and graphic design of the mobile cafe Acqua, which opened in April, and the NTT DoCoMo Saitama Showroom, located respectively on the second and third floors of the NTT DoCoMo Saitama building. The environmental graphics of both facilities were selected for Japan Sign Design Association (SDA) Awards in the environmental graphics category of the commercial division. Symbolic of the communications media’s ability to transcend a variety of boundaries, the design theme “aqua – aero” was expressed as an airy and comfortable atmosphere. The synergistic effect from fusing interior and graphics creates a space that gives the experience of rising from aqua to floating on aero.