Local design services

What are local design services?

Local design services are conducted in collaboration with an overseas principal designer. The local design firm develops and documents the concept design to fit local (Japanese) regulations and conditions while fulfilling the needs of both the client and the principal designer.

Needs to both the client and principal designer

The local design firm’s services benefit both the client and the principal designer by ensuring quality and saving time and money. They must work in close collaboration with both parties, which not only calls for language translation skills, but solid interpersonal communications and the flexibility to cope with multifaceted intercultural exchange.

What ILYA offers as a local design firm

ILYA’s staff includes professionals from a variety of interior design-related specialties. We assemble a local design project team to respond effectively to the specific needs of the project. A typical project design team might include:


ILYA can handle the entire MEP (mechanical/electrical/plumbing) engineering process, from participation in the schematic design phase to understanding the client’s technical requirements and representing them in the documentation phase.

The merits of ILYA’s local design services

ILYA maintains extensive cost and technical data on projects completed to date. Our local designers and engineers use this data to minimize costs and maximize function, quality, and safety. Many of ILYA’s staff members have professional experience overseas, facilitating English-language communications in drawing and other documentation and coordination services.