Jinglun Hotel, Beijing

I hope this letter will find you well. I am happy to announce that the renovation project of the Jinglun Hotel, whose design was undertaken by your company, completed in success in the middle of August last year. Since its opening after the refurbishment, our reputation among many guests in all walks of life as well as our peers went up. And we believe it is due mainly to newly designed hardware and facilities in quest of convenience and comfort, along with a good appearance of the hotel. The refurbishment also brought the hotel a rich business atmosphere, and helped us enhance the quality of management, as well as our competitiveness in the market. Our shareholders and Hotel Nikko Head Office are very satisfied with the renovation, particularly its new design and style, and also with our standing in the market.
Today, representing the hotel, I express my deepest respect and gratitude for Mr. Tadokoro and his fellow designers, Mr. Murai, Mr.Omori as well as Ms. Lu Tong, for having paid careful attention to every single detail of the project, for having maintained sincere and constructive manners, for their innovative spirits, and also for their meticulousness throughout the renovation process. I would be grateful if you could kindly convey my profound gratitude to every one of them.
Lastly, I hope ILYA CORPORATION would continue to produce greater architectural works into the future, and wish that I could work with you again in the not-so-distant future.
Again, I thank you very much for everything ILYA CORPORATION has done for the renovation of Jinglun Hotel.

Sincerely yours,

Zuo Xiang

Former Managing Director
Jinglun Hotel, Beijing

2006 SDA Award -Grand Prix for Area Design

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