2002 TMI Associates (words of appreciation)

Upon the relocation of their offices to Mori Tower, the symbol of Roppongi Hills, TMI Associates appointed ILYA as their interior designers.
With a staff of over 200, including more than 80 attorneys, patent attorneys, and legal professionals, TMI Associates is new style law firm unprecedented in Japan.
Making optimal use of Mori Tower’s distinctive elliptical floor plan, we succeeded in creating unique, highly advanced law office facilities. Thus upon completion we received a letter of appreciation from the firm commending us for our “creative efforts applying superlative sensibilities to the design of office space with functional aesthetics that make it an optimal intellectual environment.”

SONY Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

A research organization pursuing next-generation human interfaces, the Sony CSL interaction laboratory researches and develops user technology for what we call “real-world interfaces” i.e. user interfaces for the era in which digital equipment in the living environment is ubiquitously linked to the internet. In the concept we proposed for this project, we wanted the interaction lab’s new office floor to manifest the character of the lab’s research : to be an “experimental environment,” as opposed to merely providing work space for researchers. Among other things, we wanted the lab’s basic infrastructure to provide a “free-access” ceiling to which computers, sensors, projectors, and other equipment could be easily mounted and removed, and wall panels that could be used as whiteboards and projection screens to facilitate discussion among research staff. ILYA’s design team clearly understood the intent behind our experimental demands that departed from common design practices applied in offices to date, and created a collaboration that we felt transcended a simple client-design firm relationship. To this day, we continue work in the laboratory space that incorporates experimental systems, and this experiment continues to be of great interest to the human interface community and beyond.

Jun Rekimoto

Director, Interaction Laboratory

Aozora Bank

Confronted with the mandate from our top management of determining how to rid ourselves of the conventional hard image of the head office of a bank, and express the concept of our new corporate brand, I had reached an impasse. What’s more, the date of our move was already set, and time was short. Corporate branding for banks nowadays encompasses a wide range of concepts: soundness, innovation, expertise, friendliness, speed, composure, openness, sociality and so on. Add to that, living in harmony with nature.
ILYA provided clear solutions to this difficult problem. We commissioned ILYA for the interior design and construction management of the entrance, the branch’s face and the customer’s point of contact with the bank; the teller’s window lobby; the reception floor; and the executive floor.
The entrance has the composure expected of a business environment; the teller’s window lobby layout reflects customers’ needs, fusing nature and finance technology; the reception and executive floors express dignity, openness, activity, and communication respectively. The space also expresses the youthful qualities of a financial institution reborn. We held numerous meetings to determine the design. I vacillated between wanting to go with the proposed design, and worrying about being too radical. But having trusted ILYA’s judgment, I am most satisfied.
I feel fortunate to have encountered ILYA, and would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude once again.

Hirokazu Takino

Executive director, General Administration Division
Aozora Bank,LTD