2002 Good Design Awards Architecture and Environment Design Category

PCCW Japan Studio

Brasserie L’écrin

The process of opening Brasserie L’écrin in the new ATRE Ueno complex at Ueno Station took longer than anticipated because of continuously difficult work and numerous restrictions.
We feel fortunate, however, to have had ILYA design the space and supervise construction; their superb teamwork and timely and accurate judgment was a large factor in the creation of a restaurant that we are ultimately very happy with.
While I know that the theme-infusing a seventy-year-old building with a modern sensibility-presented a very difficult task for the design team, as I gaze at our dining room and the customers that fill it day after day, I feel the space already has the natural, comfortable atmosphere of a restaurant that has been running for years. We are very pleased with the intelligent and creative way in which the criteria we set at our many meetings during the design phase were reflected.
I am certain that ILYA’s professional design team would invariably produce similarly excellent results on future projects with completely different conditions and themes as well.

Takashi Yura

General Manager, L'écrin

Sunshine 100 Project

Sunshine 100 is a Chinese private sector real estate development company primarily involved in the development and sales of condominium apartments for emerging business people in major Chinese cities. To date we have developed properties in six cities — Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Jinan, Nanning, and Liuzhou — totaling over 4 million square meters in floor area.
To fulfill our quest to offer sophisticatedly designed residential properties, we have commissioned talented architects and designers from all over Europe, Australia and Japan.
ILYA was responsible for the interior design of the common areas and fitness gym in our recently opened 1000-unit residential complex in Beijing, and for design coordination of the model room for our complex in Jinan. We were more than satisfied with all of their services. These apartments, targeted for young business people and middle class residents, are selling remarkably well, representing a boost in development for us over recent years.

Yi Xiaodi

General Manager
Beijing Yin Xin Guang Hua
Real Estate Development Pty. Ltd.